Loft Conversions

At Portland’s Building and Maintenance, you will only find proven specialists in increasing the value of your home or investment. Whether it is a loft conversion, single story or double storey extension, we are the company for you.
Venturing into work such as this can be daunting – so we are happy to be there for you and offer guidance, expertise & quality service from beginning to end.

Expanding your Property

Whether you simply want to invest in your property or are in need of a new bedroom, a guest room or workspace without the hassle of moving and leaving the comfort of your home, home expansion could be the right solution for you!
Loft conversions and extensions are one of the most straightforward ways of expanding your living space and improving your property’s value – and most houses can benefit from it.

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Types of Loft Conversion

We understand that each property is different, so taking into account a number of different factors, such as the type of your house, its roof height, if your property is located in a conservation area and building regulations and planning permissions, different types of conversions or extensions may be suitable for you. As experts in home expansion, we will help you choose just the right solution for your property.

Dormer Loft Conversion

A dormer loft conversion is the most common type of loft conversion: additional space is created by adding an extension to the existing roof. This makes it not only simpler than most extensions but also flexible in the types of houses they can be used on, e.g. detached or semi-detached house. While all dormers extend from a sloping roof, they can be built in a number of styles, depending on aesthetic preferences, building permissions and space requirements. Most popular is the addition of a flat roof dormer, as this is not only the easiest option but also provides the most internal space due to its horizontal ceiling and straight walls untypically for other loft conversions.

Mansard Conversion

This way of expanding your loft space was named after French architect Francois Mansar and involves changing the entire slope of your roof and raising it to a nearly vertical one, which will allow for maximum space. As the Dormer Conversion, Mansard roofs can be built for a variety of properties. However, because this type of conversion involves changing the existing structure and shape of the property’s roof, it can be comparatively more expensive than and planning permission is needed in most cases.

Hip To Gable

As the name suggests, a hip to gable conversion is expanding the often little internal loft space of hipped houses by adding one or two gables. This means this type of conversion is therefore only practical for semi-detached or detached houses with a hipped roof, i.e a roof with all sides sloping downwards. Your property will be expanded by replacing one or two sides of the sloping roof with a triangular vertical wall, a gable, thus creating extra space in between. One of the benefits of hip to gable loft conversions is, that they are usually classified as permitted development and generally don’t warrant a planning permission.