Only the best is good enough for your property – this is why Portland’s Building and Maintenance always deliver 100% quality and aim to make the very best out of your house or commercial building. From landscaping & gardening to painting, decorating & general refurbishments – we are only satisfied with truly presentable properties.


You will be surprised how much difference a fresh paint job can make on the appearance of any property. With the right paint, you can not only transform your house into a beautiful home but can also protect it from future damage by elements like rain and frost, saving you the hassle and costs of future repairs and raising the value of your investment at the same time.


Windows do not only make your property a brighter, homelier place but also offer shelter from the elements. That is why you are looking for windows that are safe, provide energy efficient isolation and fit seamlessly into the decor of your house. You’ve come to the right placer: Portland’s Building and Maintenance are offering high-quality window replacement and installation for both domestic and commercial properties across London.


We offer a wide variety of landscaping services to make your garden look its best: From turfing and lawn mowing – as we understand the impact a well a maintained lawn can have in any garden, to the planting of trees and seasonal flowers and hardscapes like paving and building walls. With a little bit of knowledge and care, we can transform your garden into the paradise you always wished for.

Expansion Solutions

If you are looking to extend your kitchen, expand your living space for a growing family or simply want to increase the value of your property – as a specialist in home expansion we offer expert service to bring your dream home to life. House extensions can be as diverse as your needs, so whether you are planning to invest in a loft conversion or a house expansion over one or multiple storeys, we are happy to find an individual solution suitable to all your wishes.


Expertly installed gates and fences are some of the most important features of any property as they provide the security and comfort of feeling safe. Whether you’re looking for a simple wooden fence to frame your garden or high security for your commercial property, it is a given that all installed fences and gates meet your safety requirements. Choose your preferred material like
Glas, metals or type of wood for your new fence as well as the type of gate you would want to have installed – from sliding to split and bi-fold gates to garden and electric ones.Our experts are here to help and will happily advise you, should you have any questions about the level of security provided.